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Form SS5FS (092018) UF Discontinue Prior Editions SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATIONPage 1 of 5 OMB No. 09600066Application for a Social Security Card Applying for a Social Security Card is free! USE
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if a name birthdate or SSN in your return does not match the IRS master file a file or Social Security Administration's databases the IRS may reject your return you can correct these errors quickly and easily in tax act first review the error message from tax act that explains what information is incorrect and which form the air is on if you don't have a copy of the error message go to EF status tax act calm and enter your information next sign into your tax act online account or launch the desktop program then click the basic info tab to correct taxpayer or spouse information click on personal info and continue through the screens until you find the incorrect data make the corrections and click continue to save your changes to correct dependent information click dependents under basic info click review next to the dependent to make corrections if your error message indicates the mistake is on a specific form click on the federal Q&A tab and select a topic for schedule EIC Earned Income Credit click credits then Earned Income Credit after you've made the changes click on the filing tab to print or efile your corrected return if you resubmit using a file TaxACT will not charge you an additional filing fee however if the primary social security number has changed TaxACT will recognize it as a new return and you'll be built again for a filing if this happens simply contact customer service for a refund you will need to provide the TaxACT representative with the correct and incorrect social security numbers if you review your return and all information appears to be correct please contact the Social Security Administration to verify they have the correct information call one eight hundred seven seven two one two one three or visit your local SSA office the IRS master file a file database is generated by the Social Security Administration and may need to be corrected before you can e-file